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deforest_st_front_pageEstablished 1945

P.O. BOX 853
Watertown, CT 06795

*Trivia Question Answer from our SPRING/SUMMER 2016 Newsletter:  1780


Watertown Historical Society To Close Museum

The Watertown Historical Society is closing its museum on DeForest Street until a new home can be found. Established in 1945 to preserve the town’s local history and to share it with present and future generations, the society opened the museum in 1968 above the Watertown Fire District, which has graciously provided that space for nearly 50 years.

But as the Fire District has expanded the scope of its operations, it requires more space in the building. As a result, the historical society will put the museum collection into storage.

The historical society will continue to offer programing and exhibits from the collection at different venues around town, much as it did in early days before the museum opened. The digital collection will also remain accessible through the website, and school groups will still be able to visit the historic Nova Scotia Schoolhouse, which the society also maintains.

With the town in the midst of consolidating offices at the Heminway Municipal Center, the society is watching the process with interest, hoping space will become available in one of the historic town buildings.

“If it becomes available, we’d be very interested in the Munson House (which currently houses the Board of Ed),” says Linda Merriman, the society’s acting president. “Not only is it a historic building in the heart of town, but it is also adjacent to the Old Nova Scotia Schoolhouse, and as a new location for the museum, would allow us to continue to easily host school groups to both buildings in a single trip.”

In the meantime, moving and storing the collection will be expensive, and the society encourages anyone interested in helping to preserve the museum for future generations to become a member of the society or to make a donation of financial support. (While the collection is in storage, no additional artifacts will be accepted.)

The 11th annual house tour is scheduled for September 24, and is an important fundraiser. Gift shop and book sales will continue through the website and at events like the Fall Festival, as they are also important sources of revenue for the historical society.

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About The Society:
The Watertown Historical Society was organized in 1945, with the objective of collecting local history. Through the years members have researched aspects of the area, our schools, industries, and families. Settled in 1701, known as Wooster-Westbury and finally Watertown, our community has certainly grown. Documents and artifacts collected mandated storage, and from 1968 to 2016, the Fire District generously donated the second floor of its building at 22 Deforest Street as a museum site. The collection is currently in storage while the society looks for a new home.

The primary goal of the society has always been to preserve Watertown history. The collection illustrates the town’s expansion in all districts, including Oakville, Guernseytown, Winnemaug, Linkfield, etc. Although we cannot fulfill any research requests while the collection is in storage, our digital collection of the Town Times newspaper from 1947 to 2000 remain accessible through this website. We also have a fine selection of Connecticut state and local histories, and a wide genealogy area.

The society is eager to enlarge membership and active participation. Since its inception many new residents have moved into Watertown, many of our young people have grown up, and the town has increased in population.

Board Members
Acting President – Linda L. Merriman
Vice President – Jan J. Guidess
Secretary – Elizabeth Rebers
Treasurer – Kendra Scapeccia *
Curator – Michaele Kusaila *
Kristina L. Atwood
Stephen J. Bartkus
Jeffrey S. Grenier
Nancy C. Maton
Robert F. McCarthy
Elizabeth C. Porter
Julie S. Reiff
JoAnn Zanavich

*Welcome to our new board members!


Emails to the Watertown Historical Society can be sent to: