Digitization Project

The Watertown Historical Society has begun a very exciting project that will digitize the entire document collection at the museum. The Digitization Project is a groundbreaking endeavor that will bring the museum into the information age.

  • The first phase of this project involved the digitization of our extensive Watertown newspaper collection.
  • In the second phase, we digitized all of our Watertown High School yearbooks.
  • Our scrapbook collection will be digitized in the third phase, and the fourth phase will involve the digitization of all the photographs and documents in our files.
  • The Watertown Historical Society’s Digitization Project is being funded by grants from the Woodward Foundation, the Watertown Foundation, the American Savings Bank Foundation, and the Naugatuck Savings Bank Foundation. We thank them for their generosity.   

Our extensive newspaper collection spans the 19th and 20th centuries and is now easily accessible to the public online, and on our research computer at the museum. The digitized collection includes 53 years of the Town Times (1947-2000), an issue of the Watertown Argus from 1937, many issues of the Watertown News from 1913-1929, and several issues of the Watertown Post, the Watertown Journal, and The Post Boy from the 19th century. Stop in and spend some time exploring this great collection.

CLICK HERE to View the Watertown Digital History Archive

We would also like to thank the Watertown Library, the Connecticut State Library, and the Buckingham Family for allowing us to borrow their Watertown newspapers. However, we are still missing a few issues of the Town Times and many more issues from the other newspapers. Please contact the museum at 860-274-1050 if you have any old Watertown newspapers that you would like to donate — or let us borrow, scan, and then return to you.