The Old Nova Scotia School House

The Old Nova Scotia School is a beautiful Greek Revival style school house that was built in 1853. It originally stood on the corner of Fern Hill Road and Route 6. The school closed in June of 1929 was disassembled on September 4, 1990. Its reconstruction in Munson Park on DeForest Street was a joint project of The Lions Club Old Fellows, the UNICO Club, and the Watertown Historical Society, with an opening ceremony that was held on May 30, 1993. The school house is maintained by the historical society and is furnished as is would have been in the 1800s.

Sandy Sakalas, a retired teacher from the Watertown School system, presents an educational program in connection with the schoolhouse. This program recreates the one-room school house experience of the 19th century. Kids can gather around the woodstove, or sit at the desks, and be transported back in time. The entrance and the exit of the school house are roomy enough to allow the society to showcase a small collection of antique toys and games.

Please contact the Watertown Historical Society, by phone or email, if you have a group that wishes to visit the school house or enjoy this program.